2013 was an amazing Year!

2013 was amazing!

2013 is reaching its end and it's the time to look back and see what goals I achieved and it's the time to think about new ones for 2014.

This was the year where I moved to a new professional project (Guestcentric Systems), was the affirmation of the phplx UG, was my first time speaking in international conferences (and did it 3 times this year), opensourced two libraries - Mailchimp API Connector and Eventbrite API Connector, built the phplx prize raffle CLI application, started to contribute more to opensource - but not as much as I would like too. Traveled to Paris and Warsaw. Blogged 20 posts (including this one) but not much about technical aspects as I would like.

In terms of my personal goal, I didn't reach my goal of losing weight but at least I reached my goal of spending a little more time with my family and specially my kid (need to improve this next year)!

What is coming for 2014...

In terms of phplx I hope that the community continues strong, growing and doing the usually monthly meetups. In terms of new events related with the PHP in Portugal, probably we will have some news for 2014 :)

For opensource my goals is to be more active and contribute more - in terms of code, documentation or by helping the community. Also I do plan to attendee more conferences next year and if possible as a Speaker!

I will try next year to post more topics about technical aspects with tips and tricks, this year I didn't have so much time for it but for next year I really want to improve this.

My personal goals for next year will be to lose weight (at least 25kg), have more time for myself and family.

I want to thanks to every person I met this year and everyone who helped me in a way or another in being a better person/professional.

Wish you all a Happy New Year and an AMAZING 2014!

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