My opinion about M101P MongoDB for Developers Course

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The course

This course from 10gen is for everyone who wants to learn about MongoDB. It does not require any experience in MongoDB nor any knowledge of python (the programing language used in the course).

You will learn everything you need to start building web-based applications with MongoDB.

This course will cover a lot of topics from the basic installation to replicated and sharding environments, querying, updating, inserting and deleting data, JSON and BSON, schema design and Python.

My opinion about the course

In my opinion this is a course that everyone should take if is working or want to work with NoSQL or MongoDB. Although I already work with MongoDB, this course gave me very usefull tips and learned somethings that I didn't know or didn't had the opportunity to try before.

The course is very well structure and the ammount of videos and homerworks are very well planed. The contents are well explained and cover almost everything. In my opinion one of the things I missed in this course was no talking about Mapreduce.

Would be great if 10gen create a new and more advance course to complement this one.

In resume

I recommend this course to everyone who have interest in NoSQL or MongoDB  unless you already are an very experience and expert in MongoDB.

The next M101P MongoDB for Developers course will start at June 17th and you can register for free here. Also 10gen is offering more two courses M101J: MongoDB for Java Developers and M102: MongoDB for DBAs (currently enrolled in this one) for free.

Suggestion: If you are taking the course and don't want to waste time creating the environment for the course I created a distributed environment with Vagrant and puppet that you can use. You can grab it from my github repository.

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