SymfonyCon 2013 was STUNNING!

SymfonyCon 2013

Finally I had some time to write about SymfonyCon.

The first SymfonyCon took place in Warsaw (December 10th-14th) and was held at the Westin Warsaw hotel.

This was my second PHP's conference. Conferences are fantastic not only because the talks and what you learn from them - but also it gives you the opportunity to meet the people that you usually follows on twitter or/and github.

The Conference

As an attendee IMHO the schedule was very well planned and was very hard - for me - to choose which track to go - since both had topics that I wanted to hear about. I could say something about each talk I attended but I do think the best place is to go to the page of the conference and see all the feedback from attendees and grab the slides until the videos are not online in the SensioLabs's channel on youtube.

As a speaker it was an amazing experience - my talk was about How to build Console Applications. For me was a pleasure to be part of it and also very rewarding.

The Hacking Day

Me and Luis Cordova helped Anne-Sophie on the organization of the Hacking Day. The official hour to start was at 10:00 AM but people started arriving before 9:00 AM. We had ~150 people hacking together and the end result was impressive more than 25 PR created! Thanks everyone who contributed!

SymfonyCon Hacking Day

Photo by pulpmedia_at

The Socials

Speakers Dinner

No much to say. Great restaurant, fantastic people and delicious food!


It was my first time, so I didn't know what jeopardy was about. Basically It's a quiz show where the presenter (Jeremy Mikola) picked some topics about the community, conference, etc and then ask the audience for players (about 6 people) and then the goal is the players to guess what is the question instead of the answer. Was pretty fun. specially when the game crashes and no one got points on that round!

SensioLabs Insight Party

The party was in the Hotel and was cool see everybody wearing the same t-shirts. The music was cool and we had free beer/wine and food! A big thanks to SensioLabs Insight for the awesome party!

Symfony AWARDS ceremony

IMO this is one of the best ways to recognize the people that contributes to the community and was nice to see who the community picked for each category! You can see the list of the winners of the awards - community and business - here.


Jeremy Mikola was the man in charge to pick a bar with karaoke. He did it very well, besides the bar have all tables reserved we got about ~40 people in it, it was packed but was very funny.

SymfonyCon Karaoke Party

Photo by karolsojko


Thanks to SensioLabs team for the amazing conference and also for let me be part of it. A special thanks to Anne-Sophie for her amazing work organizing the conference - you did it very well! Congrats.


Here is a list of places I found some pictures of the conference:

See you in Madrid!

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