Time to move to a new challenge

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Today was my last day at Sedimap Portugal, the client I've been working on as an IT Consultant through Aubay, SA. It was an awesome journey with lots of challenges and great accomplishments.

Amazing team I'm leaving

I had the opportunity to work with a very talented team, each of us had expertise in different areas which made the whole experience much more rewarding. For me was a pleasure to be part of this team and I'm very thankful to everyone. I really wish you all the best of the lucks and keep the awesome work.

What's next?

Now is time to take a  week of vacations to rest with the family. After that the new challenge starts. I will be joining the amazing GuestCentric team. GuestCentric is a company in the hotel/booking business, with an awesome product which I'm anxious to start working on!

Wrap up

To wrap this up, I'm very happy for the new challenge and the team I will be joining in less than two weeks but at the same time I'm a bit sad for leaving an amazing project and team. To Rui Miranda from Aubay, I want to thank you for give me the opportunity to work on this project!

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