I'm an Oracle Certified Professional, MySQL 5 Developer

Oracle Certified Professional, MySQL 5 DeveloperYesterday I took the exam part II of the certification path for Oracle Certified Professional, MySQL 5 Developer and got a score of 84%.  The exam part I, I did it about two weeks ago and got a score of 82%.

Besides the scores I got, which make me feel very happy, for me the most important is, with this certification, I achieved another personal goal :)


Why? What reason to do this certification? The answer for me is simple. Every certification I did the only purpose I had is to test myself, test my knowledge and to learn while I'm preparing to the exams.


In order to prepare myself to the exam I decided to bought the MySQL 5.0 Certification Study Guide book. This book is a good reference and a good study book, it covers all topics needed to the certification in a very clear way. Also this book will stay in my desk since is the best reference book you can have for MySQL.

Note: Besides the Oracle's logo for the MySQL 5 Developer certification mentions the 5.0 version of MySQL the true is that this certification is valid against versions 5.0, 5.1 and 5.5 of MySQL. You can check it here in this link.

My certificate

OCP MySQL 5 Developer Daniel Gomes Certificate

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