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Last weekend  took place of the most amazing conferences that I have been  lxjs 2012!

A 2 day non-profit international conference about Javascriptthat was organized by the community and for the community.

Workshop and Pre-Party

The day before the conference starts, was the day of the workshops and the pre-party. The workshop I have been was the JS Client Side Testing.

It gave me the perception when should I do UI tests and how to do them with Selenium. Also the guys from Sauce Labs have a great product to run the tests in all browsers and OS. The pre-party at Florida After Seven was very cool. With a relaxed environment, great to meet and talk with lots of music, drinks and snack was a great preparation for day 1!

Day 1

Swaggggggg!! Lots of swag from the sponsors, but the one I most liked was the amazing and tasty "Pastéis de Belém" sponsored by Mozilla. The talks in the overall were good, as usual some talks were better than others. The 4 talks I liked most were:

Here is the all talks of day 1. Congratulations to the acavideo.com guys for the awesome work they did on the videos.

The party had place in an amazing bar named "Pensão Amor", near to the conference venue and Bairro Alto where was served lots of drinks, snacks with good music.

Day 2

After a few hours of sleep, the day 2 started. Another set of good talks, you can find the videos of them here. The talks I liked most were:

The boat party was amazing, I had forgotten how amazing is Lisbon seen from the river. It reminds me the times I studied at etic_. The drinks and snacks served at the boat were very good and tasty, it was the perfect place to finish the conference and to catch up some people to talk with.

Congratulations to the Organization for the fantastic conference. I really hope for LXJS 2013!

A huge thanks to Geeklist for sponsoring me with a ticket to the event. Was fantastic to spread the Geeklist word amoung all the JS geeks.

This conference was a fountain of inspiration for me. It took me to think why can't PHP Community in Portugal do something like this? This conference will give a huge boost to the PHP Comunnity here in Portugal I can ensure that.

See you guys next year! (I hope)

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