Git, Github, Vagrant and Puppet Workshops @ The Startup Scholarship

The Startup Scholarship

The Startup Scholarship logoThe Startup Scholarship is a international summer program in Lisbon, Portugal founded by portuguese entrepreneurs. The Y combinator of a summer school, startup internship and community immersion program.

About the Workshops

I was invited to do a technical workshop about any subject of my choice but the subject must add value to the scholars. So I decided to pick two different subject and do it in two separated workshops.

The first workshop I focus in version control with Git and Github as a tool for host the git repositories, do code review, issues tracker and wiki. The second was about distributing the development environment with Vagrant and Puppet. The slides are available below and also the source code link.

Git and Github for Startups workshop

Empower your team with Vagrant and Puppet workshop

Source code of Empower your team with Vagrant and Puppet workshop.


For me was an honour to be part of the first edition, 2013, of the "The Startup Scholarship" and I'm very grateful to Raquel Inácio and David Dias for the invitation to this fantastic experience.

Also I want to thank to the scholars for being so interested and participative in the workshops and for made this experience very worthy.

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