Boost your dev environment with Vagrant @ phplx

This talk was presented at phplx June 2013 meetup.

Abstract of the talk

Do you work in more than one project or with more than one person in or per project? If yes, this talk is for you.

One of the tasks where developers usually spend lots of time is in the configuration of the project development environment. What if you configure it by running a simple command? Without to have to hurry about product versions, without install anything in your machine?

This talk will be an introduction to Vagrant with Puppet that let’s you distribute your development environment. I will use a pratical example to explain and demonstrate how Vagrant and Puppet works.

Vagrant is a tool that manages virtual machines under VirtualBox or VMware. The virtual machines can be provisioning with bash scritps, puppet or chef.



Source code use in the slides

The source code used in the slides is available on github.

If you any question, don't hesitate to contact me.

Update (21-10-2013) - Added YouTube video of the talk.